Satisfactory Academic Progress: Study, Achieve, (Get) Paid!

Welcome back! We know how busy you’ve been with move-in days, orientations, and the start of classes. Now that you’re getting into the swing of this new academic year, we wanted to stress the importance of making time to study and do homework, and to go to classes. Yes, we know you hear that all the time, but it’s extremely important because all financial aid recipients must maintain Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP).

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What is SAP you say? Basically, it’s a way to measure if you are making headway on your degree. We review your GPA as well as how many courses you complete at the end of every academic year. So be sure to attend and do well, or you risk having to pay for your tuition out of your own pocket next year! Don’t worry if one class is getting you down; work with your professors/advisor and be honest about your concerns with the course. If you think you might be at risk of falling below the minimum standards (2.0 GPA for Undergraduate students or 3.0 for Graduate students), pop in to the Financial Aid Office; we’re always here to help!

Dominican Preaching Conference

This past May 20 through May 25, Deacon John Hoffman, Coordinator of Dominican Ministries, and three students, Esther Hartzell, Earl McCoy and Zaida Velazco attended the Dominican Preaching Conference on the campus of Malloy College in Long Island. Students and staff from Dominican Colleges all over the United States and Puerto Rico were in attendance, with over 90 participants.


The conference allowed them to immerse themselves in the Dominican Tradition as articulated by the many Dominican Sisters, Brothers and Priests who helped to conduct the workshops and activities. Students were encouraged to see how they can live out the pillars of the Dominican charism; Study, Prayer, Community and Service. The commonality among the different college groups was striking, all of us realizing the central Dominican spirit that underlies all that we do.


Saint Dominic, the founder of the Dominicans, was known to be a joyful preacher.This joy was evident in all the presentations and activities of the conference, and this spirit was put into action in service in a number of areas surrounding the Molloy College campus. Deacon John and the students also worked on strategies to bring back to Albertus, focusing on ways to enhance the Dominican spirit all through the campus community.

This Dominican Preaching Conference has been ongoing for over 20 years, and changes location every two years. This coming May it will be on the campus of Siena Heights University in Adrian, Michigan. Any present student or staff member of Albertus Magnus College is encouraged to consider attending this most worthwhile conference. At our Dominican forum in the fall at Albertus, the student participants from this past year will present their experiences to the Albertus community.

To learn more, contact Deacon John Hoffman, Coordinator of Dominican Ministries,

What is new with New Dimensions?

This has been the big question that many people have asked throughout the past several months. The Albertus Magnus Campus is adapting the name New Dimensions for its Associates, Bachelors and Masters cohorts with you in mind!


Throughout the past couple months we have been gearing up for our September classes which mark great changes. After review we have been able to open our doors to accept the highest amount of transfer credits to date. As partners with the surrounding Community Colleges, we want our students to know that their experience counts, and that here at Albertus, we welcome and accept your previous hard work.

A second change will be the new development and structure of our classes. Come September our classes will move from having a “learning team” aspect to having a “blended” online portion. This modification is to help students interact with their entire class, while honing vital computer skills that will be needed once entering the work-world.

Lastly, our final implementation is our new open enrollment that circulates year round. Understanding that our students are busy, and that everyone has a unique schedule, we modified our Cohorts to where students can “jump in” at any given time. This structure allows students to join a cohort when they feel they are ready, and allows them to pick up classes at the end of the given year.

All of these changes take effect come September, and have been done to make continuing your education that much more feasible. Our September Open Houses are on Tuesday, September 9th at our East Hartford Campus and Thursday, September 11th at our New Haven Campus. Registration for these events are up online, and we look forward to see you there!