Earn while you Learn

Students pay for the majority of their college education in different ways. You could attend part time, but it extends out the amount of years until graduation. You could take out student loans and defer them until later, but that can cause financial pressure as soon as you leave school. A great way to balance these two extreme approaches is taking a part-time job while attending full-time. Finding the perfect mix of work and school can be difficult, but the Federal Work Study (FWS) Program may be the right fit for you.

The FWS Program is a federally funded work program that provides wages for part-time employment to eligible students with significant financial need. Students can be placed in all campus offices/buildings, and in select departments, as well as in community service-based positions off campus.
Blog - TimesheetStudents generally work an average of 5-10 hours per week and are paid on a bi-weekly basis. Keep in mind that FWS awards are not deducted from your tuition, but are paid to you directly. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use them toward tuition! You can take a portion of your earnings and start paying back your student loans or save it for next semester’s tuition.
Time management is a must. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your course load, your supervisor will understand. It’s important to remember that your studies come first; don’t sign up to work extra hours at the expense of your education. This program is designed to help make education more affordable.
FWS is a resume-building experience. Getting a position in the field you’re interested in pursuing, helping you get that much closer to your future career. If you can’t find something in a department related to your major, you can get a position in a fun department, like athletics or in the Pub. Even if the job is not related to your major, it will help you learn about the work world and gain general skills that may be useful to you when you graduate.
Blog - Work StudyIf you haven’t already been awarded FWS, that doesn’t mean you’re not eligible to receive it! You can add yourself to the FWS Waitlist, which is on the “Work Study” page of the Financial Aid section of the myAlbertus Portal.
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