Aquinas Lecture: How Can We Talk about God Today?

Timothy Radcliffe, O.P. well known writer, lecturer, preacher and leader presented two lectures on July 8, 9 2014 at Albertus Magnus College.

Timothy is a member of the English Dominican Province and resides at Oxford. He studied at Blackfriars and St. John’s University in Oxford and Paris. From 1992 to 2001 Timothy served as Master of the Dominican Order. Visiting members of the Dominican Order on every continent gave Timothy a breadth of experience for his writing and lectures today.

IMG_5864The first lecture was entitled, “How Can We Talk about God Today?” This lecture spoke about the integrity of the human person who tries to see, hear, touch and speak through the lens of faith and how this perspective changes the person and impacts others. After the lecture Timothy engaged the participants in a lively dialogue.

The second lecture was entitled, “Teaching as an Act of Friendship”. This lecture drew on the connection between truth and the energy love provides in the pursuit of truth and building a relationship between teacher and student. Timothy reminded us of the need to center and focus on what we study and how this stance enhances the study of our students. “We need a contemplative quietness, just being there, whether with a novel or a molecule. We love things by letting them be, giving them space. So the challenge is to introduce your pupils to the tranquil love of things, letting them be, learning not to grab or grasp.”


Following the lecture four faculty members: Robert Bourgeois, Jeremiah Coffey, Patricia Compagnone – Post and Deborah Frattini shared their perspectives on the lecture. Both Timothy and the responders then engaged the audience in further questions and comments.


After the lectures the Albertus Magnus College Bookstore sponsored a book signing for three of Timothy’s books: Take the Plunge, What Is the Point of Being Christian? and Why Go to Church?

Both of these lectures were made possible through the Marie Louise Bianchi’31 Fund which promotes Dominican and Aquinas studies.

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