All in the Family

Graduations tend to make one stop and think about their journey up to this moment. Albertus Magnus College has been a part of my family for longer than I can remember. My aunt, mother, father, and sister have all attended the College, from the mid-seventies up until this past May when I received my bachelor’s degree in Marketing. But my family’s connection with the College goes back even further to cousins and great aunts, making me the 7th person in my family to earn a degree from Albertus. I have grown up hearing stories of all the different traditions and was always struck by how each family member had a different experience but still identified as Albertus graduates, whether as Aggie Maggies, or Falcons. The education and experiences in the classroom and on the campus are the things that define Albertus Magnus College alumni.


I have loved my time here, I was able to have a unique experience and be a part of the founding of a new and very exciting organization, the Student Alumni Association. This group of like-minded, extremely motivated fellow students, made my experience at Albertus what it was, and provided me with a deeper love for the College and our distinctive traditions, as well as affording me with a connection to the much larger network of alumni outside of the College. This organization will go on to do great things, and build a stronger bridge between current students and our incredible alumni. This exposure to Albertus’ amazing alumni network has not only made me aware of the great things Albertus graduates go on to accomplish, but it has made me proud to be a part of this community.

This connection has made it so that I couldn’t wait to be a part of the system that helps keep alumni connected to their alma mater. A week after graduation I began working in the Alumni and Advancement office here at the College as the Alumni Intern. Even though I wasn’t graduated very long, it still felt like I was coming home. Being newly graduated and beginning to get everything in order for my pending move to England to begin graduate school in London, coming back to campus each day and seeing how much work and care goes into reaching out to our alumni, makes me proud to be a part of this family. This job allows me to help create and distribute alumni materials as well as getting the opportunity to reach out and speak to other alums, especially at Reunion, and meet the fellow alumni in my reunion year.

IMG_8189Even though I have graduated, and by summer’s end will be establishing a new home in another country, I know that I have an entire network of Albertus alums that are no more than an email away at any given moment. A lot of colleges and universities boast of their elaborate alumni networks that are at students’ and graduates’ disposal, but these are often so massive and the alums included had drastically different experiences at their college with no core of traditions or happenings. But the Albertus alumni network, while maybe smaller than some others, has the lifelong bond of our unique traditions and small, familial campus and community. No matter when we graduated, we are all Falcons (or Mags!) forever.

UQ6A1662Liz McGarry ’14, hails from North Haven, CT and graduated this spring with a bachelor’s in Marketing. In the Fall Liz will be attending Richmond, The American International University in London to pursue a master of arts in Advertising and Public Relations.


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