Students with Goals

teamsmall_newthumbMy name is Kelsey Proctor, and I am a senior on the Albertus Magnus Women’s Lacrosse team. This is my first season playing lacrosse, up until last month I had never played before. With the help of a persuasive teammate – Halle Altieri – and coach Joe Caruso, I agreed to play. I could not be happier with my decision. This past Sunday we had our senior day, and with it came our first victory in program history.

The victory would not have been possible without the help of four soccer players  who were also talked into playing a sport they have never played before. During our game, I scored for the first time this season, and you would have thought we won the GNAC Championship by how my teammates reacted. It is an incredible feeling knowing I have the support from so many people, including my parents. They have been to every game, bringing with them cookies and even a grill to cook up hot dogs and hamburgers. The coaching staff as well as the athletic department has been extremely supportive and helpful for me personally to learn about the game.

Proctor_WLax_newthumbWe may not end the season with a winning record, but in the end it is not the records we remember. It’s the moments where someone catches a pass who has never caught one before, when someone picks up a ground ball, and the cheers of our peers after a goal. In that sense we have more victories than can be recorded in a stat book.

KelseyProctor_newthumbKelsey Proctor
Year: Senior
Hometown: Guilford, Connecticut.
Position: Midfielders
Major: Social Work

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