Falcons Fly South


The first week of Albertus Magnus softball has got to be the most exciting week for the team. On March 9, the team traveled down to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, for spring training and to open up the season. For the five days spent down there we played a total of eight games and finished splitting those games, won 4 and lost 4. Being able to have this chance down in Myrtle allows all the players to get a chance to play in different positions they may have never played before. Having this experience enables the players to understand the game from all areas on the field.We as players know that we have to be prepared to play anywhere that our coach asks us. This is a great opportunity for the team to really get comfortable with one another and build an inseparable bond as well.

While in Myrtle Beach, the team played two games Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, and played one game Thursday and Friday. Having this schedule allowed the team to have some down time. This down time was spent together, having the chance to go to the Board Walk, go out for team dinners and have a night in and watch movies to prepare for the next day. We knew what we were down there for, to have fun, but to have fun on and off the field, and I think that is something we accomplished. When it came to game time we all put our game faces on and played the best of our ability, win or lose as long as we know we played with heart and enjoyed playing. Being able to spend so much time with one another allows the team to come back home as a family and carry on this relationship into the season.

Sunday, March 23, was the team’s first home game held at West Haven High School’s field. The Falcons faced the Brooklyn College Bulldogs in a double header taking home two victories! We have never been more fired up for this season and truly believe that we will be very successful. Come out and help support softball this year, see you there. Go Falcons!

SeaverJessica Seaver
Year: Freshman
Position: 2nd Base
Major: Sports Management

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