Thanking an Employer after a Career Fair

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A Career Fair is an excellent opportunity to meet and network with recruiters who are hiring for positions; however, your communication with these recruiters shouldn’t end at the fair. The truth of the matter is that many recruiters leave fairs with dozens of resumes in hand. (In fact, at this year’s Albertus Magnus College Career Fair on February 25, most recruiters left saying they had met with 30 candidates and up, and some had just as many resumes.)

If you really want to work for a company or companies that you met at the fair, sending a follow-up thank you note is the next step to get noticed. Please follow these important tips.

Paragraph 1: Please thank the recruiter for spending time with you at the fair. Your first paragraph can say something like this: “This is a quick note to thank you for taking the time to meet with me at the Albertus Magnus College Career Fair on February 25. After speaking with you, I am quite interested in working for your company, especially in the XYZ position you mentioned that will be available in the next few months. As a college senior, I’m eager to begin working in a full-time capacity after my graduation in May.”

Paragraph 2: In this paragraph, repeat why you would be a great candidate for a particular position or for the company in general. Here’s an example: “I am highly interested in your customer service representative position at Verizon Wireless. My two years’ customer service experience, along with my training in business communications, speech communications and writing, would make me an excellent fit to join your team.”

Paragraph 3: Your final paragraph should thank the recruiter one last time for his or her consideration of you as a candidate. Here is a good place to mention a memorable moment or a specific conversation you had with the recruiter: “It was a pleasure to speak with you about the many positions available at Aflac. I especially enjoyed hearing about the extensive training programs you offer to all of your employees. What a great opportunity! I thank you for your time and hope you will find me to be a qualified candidate for your company.”

When you’re done writing your letter, please check for any grammatical, spelling, alignment or font issues. Be sure not to overlook review of tenses and send it out promptly (within a week of the fair if possible); Finally, if you have the time and clear, legible handwriting, you may want to hand write a note—this will make an impression on the recipient. If this is not viable, then send a thank you email. Your follow up will keep the interviewer thinking about you. After all, you are worth thinking about!2014_03_05_ThankingEmployerThankYouGraphicBosely_Boyce_AnnetteAnnette Bosley-Boyce is Director of Career Services at Albertus Magnus College and author of The College Success Plan. As Director of Career Services, Ms. Bosley-Boyce assists students with career planning, resume and cover letter writing, LinkedIn profiles, job searches, and interview techniques. When she’s not assisting students with their “career education,” she’s developing rapports with employers in the area and coordinating events such as the college’s annual career fair and on-campus recruiting days.

Annette Bosley-Boyce received a Master of Arts degree in English with a concentration in writing and women’s studies from Southern Connecticut State University and a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and Spanish from Sacred Heart University.

Having extensive experience in higher education, Ms. Bosley-Boyce has worked in administrative and faculty roles at various colleges for over 15 years. Her background includes career counseling, admissions, academic advisement, residential life, and enrollment management.

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