On the road with the Women’s Basketball Team

The Albertus Magnus Women’s Basketball Team is like one big family. On average we spend three to three and a half hours together six days a week as a team. We are now on our 49th practice of the year. Together we have experienced things that most teams never get a chance to do. Last season, we played at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York. We played on an official NBA court, NBA dimensions and all, and even got to see NBA players up close. The whole experience was something that each one of us will never forget.

This season, the Albertus Magnus Women’s Basketball Team ventured up to Salem, Massachusetts, for a two-day tournament at Salem State University. We got to sleep over in the haunted Hawthorne Hotel, where all the other teams were staying as well. While the Hawthorne Hotel may be old and eerie, it had modern charm to it.

IMG950728After our first game the day we arrived, we went out to dinner together at a local restaurant where the locals were watching the Patriots game. We had many laughs while we cheered on the Patriots with the locals and ate our food. The next morning coach told us to be up and ready to go sightseeing. Since it was my third time in Salem, I knew exactly where to find the Salem Witch Museum. However, first, in order to get to the museum I brought the team through the Burying Point cemetery where families such as the Hawthorne family were buried years ago.

IMG_0375The next place we visited was the Salem Wax Museum, directly next to the cemetery. Here we took pictures with many of the wax figures and read about the history of the Salem Witch Trials. Across the street we went on a guided witch tour. Not only did we learn about the history from our guide, but we also learned about misconceptions about witches and the town.

All in all, the team had a great weekend together we played as a team and came away with a win, but also we grew as a family. This overnight experience is something I hope to experience again in my next two years on the Albertus Magnus Women’s Basketball Team.

OliviaSutherland_newthumbOlivia Sutherland
Year: Sophomore
Hometown: Wallingford, Connecticut
Position: Guard
Major: Sports Management

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