Men’s Basketball at Albertus


Darius Watson playing against CCSU. Photo by Ron Waite.

The Albertus Magnus men’s basketball team has become a threat and has been talked about everywhere in the country. Winning back-to-back championships has been a blessing for us players. We really worked hard over the years and coach has put the team in position to do so. Coach has always told us in practice to practice the way you would play the game and always gave us a quote before every practice to motivate us. His inspiration on doing that really set the tone for us to become better as a team and stronger, and made us feel like we are a family. Julian and I, being seniors, and everyone else following in our footsteps have had a great experience and coach has made it feel so comfortable for us.

1IVictor Ljuljdjuraj  playing against CCSU. Photo by Ron Waite.

From my sophomore year until now, we have won a lot of games and made it very far for a program that did a whole 360 from years ago. We haven’t lost at home in two years and hoping to extend that winning streak as long as we can. As a senior, I feel that my time came fast. I feel that I was a freshman yesterday and sometimes wish to go back but also don’t because I love my team and I am hoping that special things will happen to us this year, like making it farther this year in the NCAA Tournament or even winning the whole thing. This year we have started the season 7-0 and are heading to a big game on the 29th of December against a Division I team in Central Connecticut State University. Myself and the rest of my team feel that we are ready to play this team. We have been preparing for good teams like Central Connecticut and we are going to play them the way we have been playing Albertus Magnus basketball.

DariusWatson_newthumbDarius Watson
Guard/ Forward
Albertus Magnus Basketball
New Britain, Connecticut.


Julian_newthumbJulian Sanders
Senior History Education Major
Albertus Magnus Basketball
Trumbull, Connecticut.