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Top of Alumni PageSpring semester heralds much excitement on campus. For senior students, it’s their last semester on campus, a very bittersweet experience for many of them. Conversely, freshmen return comfortable and excited “knowing the ropes.” For us, in the Alumni Office, the anticipation of Commencement and the official addition of new members to the Alumni Association create a buzz of activity. But, we are most looking forward to welcoming our milestone alumni back to campus in June for Reunion, which will celebrate graduates whose class years ending in 4 and 9. The Class of 1964 will be inducted into the Golden IMG_9383Society and honored for their accomplishments and commitment to the College for 50 years. Members of the Student Alumni Association volunteer at Reunion each year, and they, too, recognize how special the activities are. At Reunion 2013, one student commented on the Golden Society induction:

“As all the names were called, I thought to myself that the grandchildren and children of these wonderful women should be extremely proud. Can you imagine? 50 years as a college grad and not just any college, but Albertus Magnus College. It made me really think about the mark I intend to leave on this College when I graduate in two years and how I am going to represent Albertus in the years after that. I teared up a little during “Alma Mater” as it was led by choir director Arthur Bellucci.  We, as present day students of Albertus Magnus College, were connecting with the faces of our futures. One day we will replace this 50th anniversary class and those students will be looking up to us and so on. It is a legacy that can never die and with another 50 years of Albertus alumni, our Alma Mater will reign forever.”

2013_Student_Alumni_Association_IMG_9040Student Alumni Association

What an amazing tribute to the alumni of this College. We relish the opportunity to invite you back to campus to see what the College has become, to enjoy the company of your friends, but also to see the legacy that you have bestowed upon our current students and future fellow alumni. We know that Reunion is a wonderful celebration for you and your classmates, to laugh and cry and remember the times you shared in the historic mansions and classrooms that made Albertus home to you.

Because we know what an important milestone a Reunion is for each of you, our office works diligently to put together an enjoyable day for everyone. Reunion 2014 is going to feel slightly different from previous reunions with a revised schedule to better accommodate you and the time that you are able to spend with one another.

Reunion is Saturday, June 14. The day will begin at 10 a.m. with the traditional Reunion Liturgy with special intentions for deceased classmates. Following the liturgy will be a luncheon featuring the President’s Address, Annual Meeting of the Alumni Association, presentation of the Alumni of the Year Awards, and Golden Society Induction Ceremony with champagne toast honoring the class of 1964. In the afternoon, we have several enrichment sessions for you to choose from, including book readings and signings from alumni authors Bette Isacoff ’68, ’13 and Suzanne Palmieri ’95; a faculty panel; and beer and cheese tasting by cheese expert and owner of New Haven’s Caseus, Jason Sobocinski. The day will end at an all-classes cocktail soirée, celebrating all alumni.

A full Reunion schedule will be available in the weeks ahead. It is our sincere hope that you are as anxious to return to campus as we are to greet you and share a wonderful day together.

Visit our website for more Reunion information.

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