Women’s Soccer Team at Albertus

During the recruiting process, Coach Nick stressed one thing with all of us; he assured us that we would be joining something bigger than ourselves.  As a high school senior, picking out the college you want to spend the next four years at can be extremely stressful, but that promise stuck out in our minds.  For four of us, we knew we wanted to come to Albertus from the beginning.  The other three chose a slightly different path as freshmen, but quickly realized that Albertus was the perfect fit.  Four years later, we all still remember why we decided to spend the time here at this small school.  When asked, Amanda Roke says, “I came to Albertus to play soccer because Coach Nick and Coach John gave me the opportunity to play the game that I love so much.  Albertus Magnus College Women’s Soccer was and is a welcoming team, much like a family.  I feel proud to tell people I play for Albertus.” Meg Skidmore says, “I came to Albertus to receive a solid education in a small, family-oriented atmosphere in which teachers, faculty and coaches personally go above and beyond to help you succeed.”  For the most part, that was what we all wanted.  We came here to fulfill our dreams of being a Division lll student-athlete.

Coming into school, we had different goals, interests and personalities.  We came from different backgrounds, different parts of the state and different life experiences; however, looking back at our college careers one thing has changed.  We are a family now.  This family would do anything to defend each other, and when we put our mind to it we can accomplish anything.  Over the last four years we have had 44 wins (and counting), we’ve kept up a 3.45 combined GPA and we’ve been in 4 GNAC tournaments.  As the season continues, we plan to break more records and leave more of a mark on the Albertus Women’s Soccer Team Program.  That being said, the most important thing that we got out of coming to Albertus is our education and our relationships.  Teachers here know who we are.  They take an interest in our lives, and they want the best for us.  They ask how we are doing in school and on the field.  Our coaches do what they can to help us whenever we need it and most importantly, our teammates have become our sisters.

In the end, Coach Nick kept his promise to each of us.  We have learned that college soccer is not just about winning games (although that is always a plus).  College soccer is about the blood, sweat and tears that you go through as a team.  It’s about the memories, the pasta parties and the pranks.  Albertus Magnus College Women’s Soccer has been much more than just a sport; it has become a way of life.

Albertus Magnus College’s women’s soccer program has been named the winning team of the annual Sister Charles Marie Brantl, O.P., Award, which goes to the team with the highest cumulative grade point average (GPA) from the previous academic year; the team GPA is greater than 3.2.


Jessica Radecki, Meghan Loughman, Amanda Roke, Gabrielle Roberts, Shannon Skidmore, Meaghan Skidmore, Shelley Mirmina.

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