College Spirit Through the Eyes of a Falcon


Copy of IMG_1790The Albertus Magnus College community celebrated a Fall Fest weekend of fun, festivities but most of all we shared in camaraderie and college spirit.  This is a time when all students, faculty / staff, alumni, family, friends and neighbors join together in fanfare and excitement over celebration of athletics and academics.

The Albertus community celebrates the Fall sports season and a chance to introduce freshmen students to the spirit that is the Albertus Falcons.  We raise our wings and cheer on the kickoff of basketball and the wrap up of volleyball, soccer, tennis and cross-country track.

Our alumni come home to roost in a mini reunion of sorts to show their spirit at the games that were in progress throughout the campus, and to welcome new alumni.  Alumni take a moment to reminisce, while students network and see their future through Albertus.

These events bring together academics and athletics because Albertus is more than a community, it is a family affair as was very evident in my time at the weekend of events.


What a night!  Free t-shirts, games and a photo area – fun was had by all.

With my keen falcon vision, I saw strobe and spot lights on high beam and moving along the crowd as the games began.  As I soared in for a landing, I could hear all the cheers, music and laughter.  Brian Leighton, assistant athletic director/operations and facilities/head baseball coach, was the MC for the evening’s festivities.

There was a feeling in the air as if you were attending a NBA game,  Coach Leighton announced each player’s name with a thunderous, booming voice and the Albertus Falcon Fans screamed at the top of their lungs as each member of the Albertus Basketball Team ran out on to the floor.

The electric energy went right through me and I had to join in all the fun.  With a stiff beak up, I assisted Coach in supervising the games – there will be no crying at Albertus.  Everyone had fun and fans really rallied around each contestant.  Sophomore Alyssa Puccilli made the half-court shot to win the Albertus Bookstore prize pack. What a shot!  Dance routines like the one performed by Junior Earl Ali-Randall, Junior Shannon Knox, Junior Chrystal Dickey and other Albertus students inspired me to show my stuff and shake some tail feathers to the music.

Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 12.44.30 PMThroughout the evening, students, faculty, coaches and alumni made full use of the Albertus photo booth area. Photos were uploaded to the official Albertus Facebook Page and Instagram. There were so many props and fun poses that we could do that my friends kept returning to the nest to take more pictures.


Fall Fest opened up with a gorgeous sun and brisk October breeze, perfect conditions for me to swoop in to continue enjoying the weekend celebrations and athletic competitions with Mount Ida and Anna Maria College.  The tennis and soccer matches started late due to bus break downs.  Did that stop us from enjoying the day?  Never, we are the mighty Falcons and persevere against all obstacles.

There was so much to do while waiting for the competitions to start:  volleyball match, meet and greet with Jim Arbromaitis, the Alumni volunteers featured an Alumni Hospitality Tent, food truck vendors and Faculty/Staff Dunk Tank with proceeds going to support enrichment opportunities for Student Alumni Association (SAA) members through volunteer programs, events and conferences.
Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 11.44.49 AM Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 11.52.38 AM Screen shot 2013-10-30 at 11.49.13 AM

Did I mention various Albertus clubs stationed stands and sold baked goods to help support club activities? I think this where my tummy ache came from, too many cupcakes, no matter how good, are no good for this Falcon. There was an area staged to take photos with guess who… Yes, me! Photos were shared on Facebook and Instagram again. I really enjoyed posing with past, present and future Falcons. Talons out, striking a pose that even Madonna would be proud of.

Whew, I was exhausted, but the buses arrived and it was time to let the games begin.  Albertus women and men’s soccer competitions as well as tennis, were now under way with all athletes giving competitors a fierce Falcon fight.  The side lines were heavily covered with spectators perched in their chairs, belting out Falcon screams to encourage the athletes in their valiant battle with opponents toward a win.
 Screen shot 2013-10-08 at 11.59.53 AM

As I sat perched next to a trusted falconer, my aching claws in the air and belly full, I reflect on what Fall Fest means.  Watching the festivities is one thing, but until you have walked in the footprints of Albertus students you can never fully appreciate what a day like Fall Fest means.  The age range, population and stories are as diverse as the degrees students achieve.  Many full-time Albertus students are soaring into flight and leaving the nest for the first time; others are juggling work, extracurricular activities and nestlings.  No matter the flight pattern students take — day, evening or blended — they achieve the same goal - success.  Albertus students should fluff out their chest and be proud to share their Alma Mater with family, friends and classmates.  The rigorous work, dedication and sacrifices that students take on in their effort toward finishing a degree is what makes them stand out among all other creatures.

Albertus Magnus College students, alumni, faculty and staff ride the wind as I do, head held high, wings stretched.  It is the Albertus community, no wait – Albertus family – that is the wind beneath our wings, and helps us soar to our successes.


Flying Off,
Frankie Falcon

Cultivating Exemplary Leadership: The Right Mix

Part 3

The Right Mix

It’s your first day as manager in your new organization and you are a bit nervous.  Sure, you have 10 years experience in management, have worked with all types of people before,  and have been successful in the past, but this is different, new people, new environment, and a new culture. You know from your studies as a graduate student in Leadership at Albertus that in order to be a truly effective leader you need to evaluate each situation independently and get to know the people you will be managing individually. You remember that simple principle from your class Leadership in Theory and Practice , that there is no one best style of leadership, and that the way to determine the best way to lead is my assessing the situation you are in and the people you are leading.

You know based on the model above (adapted from the work of Ed Hollander, 1978) that true leadership is not just about being a strong leader, but it is about is having the right fit between the leader, the follower, and the situation. The simple model above was developed by Ed Hollander in 1978 and shows us that the locus of leadership is at the intersection of these three entities, and in order to lead most effectively we need to consider the different styles of leadership and determine which style fits best with the situation we are in and the people we are leading.

Let’s go back to our example. Remember, you are a new manager with a history of success taking on a new department in a new organization, so what do you do? Well, the first thing you need to do is take an audit of the situation, who are the people working for you, who are the people you will need to influence in order to carry out your vision? You will also need to assess the situation your department is in. Is this a new group of people or a team which has been working together for many years? If it’s a new team then it’s possible that you may need to provide more direction than if the department is well established with strong norms and experience. You need to determine if members of your team work on multiple projects? If they are in the right jobs? Working at optimal efficiency? Satisfied with the organization? And much more! Additionally you need to determine what the climate is outside of your department both within the organization and outside of it. There are many things which leaders need to do as they take on a new challenge such as leading a new department, these are just a few of them, the thing to remember is that there is no ‘right’ style, but there is a ‘right’ style for the particular situation you are in. So, how do you know which style of leadership to choose? Well, you need to learn the different leadership styles and learn the ways that people under different situations respond to them. Keep reading blogs, pick up a book, or even better (and I have to put it in here), register for an open house on November 7th to learn about the masters degrees in Leadership at Albertus Magnus College and talk with me and other faculty about how you can lead in your organization and develop your career, no matter what position you are currently in.

Have a great few weeks and I will ‘see’ you next month with the next Leadership installment…

untitled2Howard C. Fero, Ph.D.
The Leadership Doc
Director, Graduate Leadership ProgramsAssociate Professor of Business and Leadership
Albertus Magnus College

Dr. Howard Fero, is an Associate Professor of Business and Leadership and the Director of Graduate Leadership programs at Albertus Magnus College. When not teaching classes and overseeing the Leadership programs at Albertus Dr. Fero uses his expertise to help individuals and organizations achieve optimal performance and effectiveness as The Leadership Doc. Dr. Fero will be blogging about different leadership topics throughout the year and speaks about these topics in his classes in the Master of and Arts in Leadership Master of Science in Management and Organizational Leadership Programs. He welcomes your comments and looks forward to communicating with you in our exciting new blog.

Raising Awareness of Domestic Violence

“This October, let us honor National Domestic Violence Awareness Month by promoting peace in our own families, homes, and communities. Let us renew our commitment to end domestic violence – in every city, every town, and every corner of America.”

Presidential Proclamation declaring October 2013 Domestic Violence Prevention Month


Nearly 20 years after the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) domestic violence remains an often hidden problem in our communities. People we interact with every day may be experiencing domestic violence without us knowing it. According to the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence:

  • In 2009, violent crimes by intimate partners (current or former spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend) accounted for 26 percent of non-fatal crimes against females and 5 percent against males.
  • Of female murder victims in 2009, 35 percent were killed by an intimate partner.
  • Fifteen percent of teens who have been in a relationship report having been hit, slapped or pushed by their boyfriend or girlfriend.

This tearing down not only hurts individuals, it limits entire communities as those who are victimized may be prevented from reaching their full and vibrant potential.

Every day in Connecticut, dedicated social workers, counselors, criminal investigators and social service agencies work to prevent and end domestic violence. On September 30, 2013, more than 200 of them came together to attend Beyond the Bruises: A Conference on Psychological Abuse and Stalking hosted by The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services, a program of BH Care. Albertus Magnus College was proud to help sponsor this event and is committed to providing professionals with the tools and education they need to best serve their community.Susan De Leon-Dr.Mazen-Carin - Roseann More

Each year, The Umbrella Center for Domestic Violence Services assists over 9,000 victims and their children in 19 cities and towns in the lower Naugatuck Valley, Greater New Haven and Shoreline communities. Conference attendees shared best regional practices and gained new knowledge from keynote speakers and national authorities, including bestselling author and renowned journalist, Leslie Morgan Steiner. Dr. Ragaa Mazen, Director of the Albertus Masters of Science in Human Servicesprogram met one-on-one with attendees to share local Human Services program insights.

Albertus Magnus College has a total enrollment of 1,700 students. It offers 50 traditional undergraduate programs, accelerated undergraduate programs for working adults, and graduate programs in business, management, education, liberal studies, leadership, writing, human services and art therapy. The College also offers a degree in Criminal Justice and Addiction Counseling Certificate.