Volleyball: it’s more than just a game.

Written by Caitlin Prete




My experience as an Albertus Magnus Student-Athlete has been very exciting and interesting.  One of my favorite parts, besides playing of course, is the bus rides.  On our very first bus ride, our team had a team bonding session and we all got really close.  During another bus ride home, we made forts on the back of the bus with blankets and hid underneath them.  There isn’t a time where our team isn’t laughing or all getting along.  Our coaches are the best, too!  They really know how to get us pumped up for games and get us to focus on what we have to do but also have fun at the same time.




Our very first pasta party at Amy’s house was the funniest experience all season.  We shared stories and stuffed our faces with food, and when Amber started laughing the entire team started laughing including the coaches and everyone was almost in tears.  Not to mention, the food was excellent, too.  Thanks, Mr. and Mrs. Seliga!




The best part of being a student-athlete at Albertus Magnus is being able to play my favorite sport in the world: VOLLEYBALL.  Our very first home game was a blast.  We won in three games and the student section was HUGE!  It was great to have so many people there to support us.  Not only was it great winning our first home game, but it was great that we all got so pumped up and ready to play for the game.  The crowd helped us out a lot, too.



It’s so much fun just to be able to play.  It is also fun to be able to go out of state and see new places that I’ve never seen before.  Since it is almost fall, all the leaves are changing colors and it looks so pretty outside on the way to the games.

483544_516275465057802_2009703151_nNot only do we get to go and see new places, but we get to try new restaurants and pizza places, also!  The only thing I love more than food is volleyball, so when they’re combined it’s my favorite thing in the world!




Not only are we a close team on the court, but we are close off the court, too!  We are one big family.  We all talk outside of volleyball and plan things to do together or as a team.  Recently, half the team went to Pajama Jam together, and we made stuffed dogs and played musical chairs!  Everyone shares similar interests.  At events at school, it is more than likely everyone will see most of the volleyball girls together.  Last weekend, we had a car wash and sold baked goods to help support “dig for the cure” for breast cancer.  It was another great team bonding experience.  I have never been on such a close team before, and it’s such a great experience!


And just so no one forgets, GO FALCONS!!!!!!


Caitlin Prete
Freshman Accounting Major
Outside Hitter
Albertus Magnus Volleyball
Milford, Connecticut.

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