“An education that …is practical in its application”

As part of the ePortfolio classes Albertus Magnus College students have an opportunity to write about the mission statement of the college and how this statement impacts their lives now as college students and in the future.  Student Matthew Mezzei from Wallingford, CT, a member of the Class of 2016, shared his thoughts on the mission statement promise to “…provides men and women with an education that … is practical in its application.”

The Albertus mission statement is something I found interesting when applying for schools last year.  One of the things that stuck out was that it says the school “…provides men and women with an education that … is practical in its application”.  For students today it is essential to go to college.  The purpose of going to college is to gain experience which will lead to future employment.  Therefore learning what you will need to know for a particular career is very important.  By teaching students essentials, Albertus graduates will have a degree that is more than a piece of paper.  They will be prepared for the career they have chosen.

As an Albertus Magnus student I have seen the importance the college places on relevant work experiences.  I have already begun teacher observations for the Education Program this semester.  I am able to see how a class operates and learn teaching methods from experienced faculty.  These opportunities will enable me to graduate with a degree that “…is practical in its application”.

Albertus Magnus College also encourages student and teacher interactions.  I keep in contact with the majority of my teachers.  It is important for me to maintain these positive relations as I move toward my degree.  The close-knit community of Albertus encourages me to be a …”responsible, productive citizen and lifelong learner”.

I would respond to a prospective student positively about Albertus.  I would not mention the mission statement specifically, but I would bring up the fact that the school emphasizes its close-knit community and it is something that is not found at many colleges.  Every teacher knows you by name and most students are familiar with nearly everyone.  It is a great feeling when you are known by your teacher and not seen as just another student.  I would make note of the diverse student body and friendly environment of the campus.  In addition I would also mention how the college already placed me in a relevant work setting to what I will be doing after I graduate, and I am only a freshmen.  Overall, Albertus is unique in a good way and prospective students should look at the college as a possible choice for their future.

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