Open your minds, Open your hearts… the Priceless Side of Higher Education for Adults

The Format

Everyone is familiar with the traditional learning format of universities and colleges but an for an adult returning to school there are so many different options. Adults have families, full-time jobs and many other responsibilities. These responsibilities make it hard to attend classes in the traditional format. Adults may find an accelerated format with classes at night, or blended in an online format much easier to attain a degree in their desired major.

Not only do these other formats for learning make it more convenient for working adults to get their degree. It also helps expand personal ideas for life outside of the workplace and classroom.

Expanding Ideas

If you saw our previous post about building confidence in college, you know that attending a higher education institution has much more meaning than a degree. In addition to building confidence in college, an adult student also can learn critical thinking and brainstorming techniques they can take into the workplace or share with their community.

By taking courses in the cohort model, adult students are able to expand their professional and personal network. Many students were able to further their careers outside of the classroom thanks to the connections they made with their peers in the cohorts.

Opening your Heart

Attending college with other adults with similar situations and responsibilities, understanding the hard times some people have gone through and being able to relate to hard times in the past can change life after graduation. Many students become much more involved in their communities. They volunteer their time to help those less fortunate. They share their experiences from the classroom and in life to inspire the people around them.

These are the priceless benefits from higher education and much of it has to do with the students working together to achieve their personal and professional goals. As an institution we are proud to be able to offer such an atmosphere and even more proud of each and every alum to achieve their goals and inspire their neighborhood.


This is an experience that I always wanted in my life but I didn’t have the resources, or I didn’t have the confidence, or I didn’t have the support to undertake this kind of journey. Now that I found a way to do it I want to move on to the Masters program and I also want to do so much more in my community; volunteering, working, in my family, as far as getting more people and friends to grow the way that I have over the last four years. I just want to go to the highest heights that I can as an individual.

Its becoming better and better. That’s how you know that this is a college invested in it’s students. Some colleges decline and disappear but this college as been around for a long time and its only getting better. That is something that is priceless.

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