Dominican Tradition: The Search for Truth


As part of the ePortfolio classes Albertus Magnus College students have an opportunity to write about the mission statement of the college and how this statement impacts their lives now as college students and in the future. Student Alisia Cintron, East Haven native and member of the Class of 2016, shared her thoughts on the “search for truth in all its dimensions.”

albertus-shieldThe central focus of the mission statement, “the search for truth in all its dimensions,” resonates with me because I feel that I have learned so much about myself during this first year at Albertus. In a way I have taken a journey to find myself and my truth. This freshmen year has been full of trial and error for me. I’ve had to figure out a school and work schedule and how to balance various areas of my life.

In addition to personal growth I have widened my perspective about the world based on what I have learned in my classes. As a result I have developed opinions about political and social issues. In my Insight class, especially, I have been challenged to look outside of my immediate environment to see what is going on in the world. For example, in my current project I have researched gender roles and policies in other countries and found I now have strong opinions on this subject.

I will live the mission statement by continuing to discover who I am and my place in the world while also keeping an open heart. I found that the religious and ethical values of Albertus promote community involvement and caring about others. I hope in the future I will live by these principles.

If a student were to ask me about this college I would say I have met some incredible people. All of the teachers I have met so far enjoy their jobs. I can tell this because they want us to succeed in our studies. The students have welcomed me with kindness and respect. There are many opportunities to be part of the Albertus community through sports and activities and it is up to each student to decide how they want to be connected with others.

The mission of finding truth can only happen when one seizes the opportunity and is willing to learn and grow. Albertus provides the environment for both.

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